Let’s face it – we all love experimenting with our hair colour. Whether it’s balayage, platinum blonde, ombré, rainbow hair, or something else, we just can’t get enough of new trends that seem to emerge on a daily basis. One thing all of these trends have in common is the damage that after a while starts to affect the quality of our hair. We’re all familiar with dryness, dullness and split ends, but we’re not always familiar with the best way to protect our hair. Don’t worry, House of Locks has got you covered!

Introducing to you one of our holy grails – Redken’s pH-Bonder Kit that helps protect bonds during technical services to keep fibres strong from within. The pH-Bonder bond-protecting system is perfect for protecting hair from damage while reducing breakage during and after bleaching and colouring services. This 3-step system works from the inside out to promote bond integrity during a lightening or colouring service, and it really makes a difference in keeping your hair in good shape.

First, we start with Bond Protecting Additive which is added to your bleach/colour formula to help protect bonds from within. After rinsing the colour from your hair, we’ll use Fiber Restorative Pre-Wash Concentrate to repair damage and restore the hair fibre for added shine and softness. Last but not least is Post-Service Perfector that should be applied at home once a week prior to shampooing to help maintain your hair’s natural pH and improve elasticity. Say goodbye to a kinky post-bleaching frizzy mess with this breakthrough formula that will do wonders on your hair.

Still not convinced? Don’t take our word for it – stop by our salon and see it for yourself!

Blonde - post-service

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